Sweden, Denmark or Iceland to Win World Cup 2018

Three teams that are highly underrated to win World Cup 2018 is Sweden, Denmark and Iceland. The three Nordic countires have a great opportunity to progress very far into the tournament. We expect them all to reach the knockout face although the face good competition in the group stage.


Sweden to Win World Cup 2018

We belive Sweden is the best team of the three Noric team ad the have a good chance to Win. According to the site fotbollsvm2018.com the have the odds 300 to win World Cup 2018. That is a very very good odds!

Sweden have a really good defence with Manchester United defender Victor Nilsson Lindelöf as their Top player. Attacking will be done mostly with the skill from Emil Forsberg playing in Bundesliga team Leipzig. Overall Sweden a very solid team and have a good chance to survive the group stage.

Denmark to Win World Cup 2018

Denmark is a one man band! They have one of the best football players on the planet. Tottenham midfielder Christian Eriksen is a player that can change any game almost by himself. If supported correctly he can be the difference agains most teams. Denmark is not as well organized as Sweden but they are a better team when it comes to attacking. We belive they will go very far in the tournament.

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Iceland to Win World Cup 2018

And lastly we will cover Iceland. It is indeed a miracle that they managed to make it to World Cup 2018 at all. They have the most well organized team in the tournament. The players know exactly what to do. It will take them far but we don’t expekt them to win.

Their best player is Gylfi Sigurdsen playeng for Everton in the Premier League! He have great skill when it comes to free kicks and corners. He can be the game changer for Iceland in the tournament!